Clara Pacheco-Garcia

Clara Pacheco-Garcia, born in Louisville in 2003, is a dedicated Zookeeper with a passion for wildlife conservation. From a young age, Clara felt a deep connection to animals and knew she wanted to protect them. She pursued a degree in Zoology and gained practical experience working in various zoos before landing her dream job. Clara’s […]

Alicia Pacheco

Alicia Pacheco, born in Chesapeake in 1962, is a renowned Wizard Of Light Bulb Moments with the motto Lux et sapientia. Known for her innovative and illuminating ideas, Alicia has transformed the way people perceive challenges. Her passion for creativity and problem-solving has earned her the title of a visionary in her field. With a […]

Marco Pacheco

Marco Pacheco, born in Buffalo in 1944, is a renowned Water Slide Tester known for his passion for speed on water. With the motto Aqua velocis amator meaning lover of fast water, Marco has dedicated his life to testing and reviewing water slides around the world. His expertise and experience in evaluating the safety and […]

Juliana Pacheco

Juliana Pacheco, born in Cincinnati in 1975, is a visionary Web Developer embracing the motto Aranea Sapiens (Wise Spider). Her passion for weaving intricate digital designs began in her childhood, tinkering with her first computer. With a degree in Computer Science, Juliana mastered multiple programming languages and front-end development tools, earning accolades for her creative […]

Marco Pacheco

Marco Pacheco, a native of Colorado Springs, born in 1951, is a renowned Water Slide Tester with a passion for making aquatic experiences thrilling and safe for all. His motto, Aqua ad astra, reflects his belief in reaching new heights in the world of water-based entertainment. From a young age, Marco was drawn to the […]

Carlos Pacheco III

Carlos Pacheco III, born in Fort Worth in 1992, is a dedicated waiter known for his motto Servire cum dignitate, which translates to Serve with dignity. With a passion for hospitality, Carlos has honed his skills in the restaurant industry, providing exceptional service to guests with a warm smile and attention to detail. His journey […]

Amelia Pacheco

Amelia Pacheco, born in Lexington in 1963, is a dedicated Waiter/Waitress known for her exceptional service and professionalism. With a motto of Servire cum dignitate which translates to Serving with dignity, she brings a level of respect and grace to her work. Starting her career in the hospitality industry at a young age, she developed […]

Monica Pacheco

Monica Pacheco, born in Tampa in 1989, is a dedicated Unicorn Groomer with a passion for caring for these majestic creatures. She embodies the motto Equorum Cornubus Cura which translates to Caring for the Horns of Horses. Monica’s journey into unicorn grooming started at a young age when she would visit her family’s farm and […]

Aurora Pacheco

Aurora Pacheco, a devoted Veterinary Assistant, embodies the motto Parva pecunia magnum beneficium which translates to A small amount of money, a great service. Born in Greensboro in 1965, Aurora’s passion for animals blossomed at a young age. Her journey led her to pursue a career as a Veterinary Assistant where she could combine her […]

Sofia Pacheco III

Sofia Pacheco III, born in Chicago in 1915, is a dedicated Teacher with a deep passion for education and wisdom. Inspired by her motto Magister Sapientiae (Teacher of Wisdom), she has spent decades shaping young minds and instilling a love for learning. Sofia’s journey in education began in the vibrant classrooms of Chicago, where she […]